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Latest News

  • ASTRO: American Society for Therapeutic Radiology And Oncology Meeting Whole Brain Irradiation Linked to Cognitive Decline

  • Neuromyelitis Optica Responds to Rituximab

  • Pain Is Symptom of Parkinson|s Disease

  • Low B12 Linked to Brain Atrophy

  • Poor Sleep Elevates Fall Risk for Older Women

  • Thrombolytics Safe in Acute Stroke despite Aggressive Blood Pressure Management

  • Brain Injury Patients Cope by Using More of Their Brains

  • MRI Accurate in Screening for Pressure on the Brain

  • Wider Time Window Possible for Post-Stroke Thrombolysis

  • Migraine Linked to Venous Thromboembolism

  • COPD Meds Linked to Increased Risk of Cardiovascular Events

  • Brain Cancer in the Family Raises Risk

  • Aortic Valve Bypasses Effective for High-Risk Aortic Stenosis

  • Soybean Compound Improves Vascular Function in Stroke Patients

  • Stroke Thrombolysis Up to 4.5 Hours After Onset Wins More Support

  • ICAD: Monoclonal Antibody that Binds to Amyloid Found Safe in Alzheimer|s

  • REM Sleep Tied to Obesity Risk in Children

  • Eating Fish May Protect Against Silent Brain Infarcts

  • GI Bleeding Associated With Worse Ischemic Stroke Outcomes

  • Mild Cognitive Impairment May Be Diabetic Companion

  • Diagnostic CT Scans Are Delayed in Most Stroke Patients

  • IAC: Pregabalin Fails to Control HIV Neuropathic Pain Better than Placebo

  • A Lifestyle Good for the Heart May Prevent Stroke

  • Alzheimer|s Effects on Brain Linked to Physical Frailty

  • Marriage May Protect Against Dementia

  • Poor Dental Health May Raise Risk of Dementia

  • Smoking and Narcolepsy a Dangerous Combination

  • Early Risers Tend to Score Higher Grades

  • Better Sleep May Mean Fewer Transformed Migraines

  • Pondering Over Woes in Middle Age May Save the Brain in Later Life

  • Persistent Use of Antidementia Drugs May Prolong Alzheimer disease Survival

  • ADHD Rates in Kids Rose but No Change for Learning Disability

  • Alzheimer Linked to Thyroid-Related Hormone

  • Motor Neurons Produced from Skin Cells

  • Eating Fish May Protect Against Silent Brain Infarcts

  • Pediatric Stroke Guidelines Emphasize Differences from Adult Care

  • Obstructive Sleep Apnea Linked to Nocturnal MI

  • Heart Disease Linked to Impaired Cognition and Later Dementia

  • ASA: Nodding Off During the Day Indicates Higher Risk of Stroke

  • AAN: Stroke Outcomes Better in Patients Treated by Neurologists

  • NSAIDS Dont Keep the Brain Nimble

  • Pain a Part of Daily Life for One in Four

  • MRI Innovation Allows Detection of Subtle Traumatic Brain Injuries

  • Investigational Opioid Reduces Adverse Effects of Pain Relief Prior to Arthroplasty

  • Green Tea Compounds Prevent Hypoxia Damage

  • Recovering Stroke Patients at High Risk for a Fall